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"Our daughter loves going here & skips up the footpath every time we drop her off. It’s a beautiful setting, welcoming & caring staff & a hands on community."

Campbell Willis


"We have had the privilege to have two of our children attend Mt Gravatt Kindy. It is truly a beautiful place staffed by the most amazing educators."

Ky Lou


"We absolutely LOVE this kindy and it's staff. A unique grounds based around the natural environment, teachers who are committed to understanding each of children and their needs, and so much fun. All three of our children have attended Mt Gravatt kindy, and we've loved it every time. Highly recommended."

Keneena Fanning


"Our family are extremely happy to have found this amazing and unique kindergarten. We've been lucky enough to have had 2 years here so far, taking full advantage of the wonderful, nurturing teachers, incredible natural playground - a child's (and adult's) dream, and fantastic resources. Mount Gravatt Kindergarten and Preschool is a hidden gem, that has given our daughter the perfect pre-school foundation <3. Thank you for having us! PS. They even have a resident koala."

Sarah Feather


"We were very fortunate to have discovered this little gem of a kindergarten and couldn't wait for our son to be a part of the close-knit kindergarten community. He started at the beginning of the year and is amazing us with the concepts and confidence he is learning and the wonderful friends he is making. The one-of-a-kind outdoor environment is a must-see. I can't recommend Mt Gravatt Kindergarten and Preschool highly enough."

Ashley Berghauser


"Highly recommend Mount Gravatt Kindy. Both of my Daughters attended this kindy. I felt very lucky that my children were part of this unique place which allowed them to learn, explore and enjoy nature. I would often tell friends how lovely the leafy setting was and how nice it was to be at the base of Mount Gravatt Mountain. Great teaching staff and all very friendly."

Kelly Georgas


"This Kindergarten is rich in natural space, excels in providing quality experiences relatable to your child and prides itself on old fashioned play with investigation and questioning. Having three children go through the gates, I am grateful to have been able to provide that experience for them in this ever increasing pressure-filled life. Mt Gravatt Kindergarten is a unique and precious place provided at a critical time of learning, it's a match made in heaven. I would urge anyone to take this opportunity of sending their child to this magical place."

Amy McCabe


"If your child has the opportunity to attend this kindergarten, they are very lucky! In a world where kids are losing the opportunity to be kids; Mt Gravatt kindy lets kids play while they learn and always come home covered in dirt! My 2 girls have the best memories of this place."

Paula Thomas


"Mt Gravatt (Kindergarten) is a true inspiration. Not only because of the quality of the space and practice, but also because of its rich history and powerful vision. It should have a preservation order!"

Tim Gill, one of the UK’s leading thinkers and researchers on childhood

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