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In 1952, a local lady, Mrs W. R. Smith realised the need for a local kindergarten. At the time, Mt Gravatt was a new suburb and this was a big step.


Over the next few years she established a working committee and set about raising the funds required by door knocking, holding a monthly baked goods stall, raffles and even passing the hat around in the local pub. By 1956 they had raised one thousand pounds, which was matched by a bank loan guaranteed by local businessmen. They broke ground almost immediately and constructed the main building with almost entirely volunteer labour. This building is still in use place today although an office block was added in the early 1990s.


The kindergarten continued to prosper through the sixties but really hit its stride with the arrival of Miss Mary Luddy in 1970. For over thirty five years she has dedicated herself to the centre and early childhood education. With her never ending enthusiasm and strong belief in learning through play she has helped guide the early education of over twenty-four hundred local children, and was in the extraordinary position of teaching a second generation of children, before Miss Mary Luddy retired in 2009.


Currently at Mt Gravatt Community Kindergarten, we are privileged and excited to have a team of special and highly experienced teachers and assistants. With their collective knowledge and ideas, the kindergarten is modern, whilst keeping the history and uniqueness of the incredible space that the community has always been, and continues to be proud of.


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