Our Philosophy


Our community

At Mt Gravatt Community Kindergarten we believe that each child is unique, capable and competent, with individual strengths and interests and expectations. We believe that each child should be listened to, respected and valued, and encouraged and supported to explore and engage in our kindergarten learning environments.

Children come to our kindergarten with their own history of family, experiences and knowledge. We believe that each child’s family should be listened to, respected and valued; and encouraged and supported to build a working partnership with the kindergarten.

We believe that Mt Gravatt Community Kindergarten is a first step into an extended community for many children and it is a time to empower children with a developing understanding of community and environment.


Our place

We value promoting a centre where all can feel a sense of belonging. We recognise the traditional custodians of this land on which we explore, play, laugh and learn. We believe that meaningful connections between children, adults and environments provide a rich and significant platform for learning. We value and respect the beautiful and rich natural environment on which our kindergarten is situated and acknowledge the rich impact this has on learning and wellbeing.


Our belief

Play is valued as an authentic and effective method of teaching and learning for all children. Children are valued as co-creators of a constantly evolving curriculum and environment in which they are encouraged to explore, create, wonder, question, notice, reflect and engage.


We believe in engaging in a cycle of learning that demonstrates the value of critical reflection and continual learning processes. We believe that children are life long learners who learn through reflection, through connection to others and through engagement with their world.