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Practical information



The kindergarten organises a range of visitors to support and extend our program throughout the year. There is no extra charge for the incursions; the costs associated with these are included in your fees.


This is a very special day for you and your child. You may like to choose a roster day on or near your child’s birthday. Due to current Covid restrictions we are not able to share food, however we make sure your child’s special day is celebrated in a memorable way.

Toys from home

We ask parents to ensure that toys are not brought to the centre as they may be broken or lost causing avoidable distress. However, a small familiar toy may be included for relaxation time.

Barefoot in the playground

For most of the year children are asked to remove their shoes when playing outdoors at kindergarten. The main reasons for this are:

  • Safety

  • Sensory Experience

Shoes can be a hazard in outdoor play areas. Children need bare feet to grip as they climb and experience all the different surfaces and textures available in our large and interesting playground. If you do need to keep shoes on please ensure they have good grip, eg: joggers.

Students and visitors

At times during the year…

  • university early childhood education students,

  • work experience students and

  • other visitors and volunteers

may visit the centre to observe and interact with the children as arranged with the co-directors. All visitors are required to hold a current Queensland Government issued Blue Card before entering the centre. This includes visiting entertainers and educators.

  • Always close BOTH gates as you enter and leave the centre.
  • Do not share the gate code with your child.
  • Ensure your children do not stand on the gate.

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