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Inclusion support

Planning for children with additional needs requires careful thought and often the assistance of specialists. It is important to know how the specific needs may or may not affect the child's learning and activities while at the centre. This information will help us to meet the needs of the child and seek assistance from specialist and support workers.

Please help us provide for your child by bringing to our attention any additional needs or problems your child may have.

Withdrawal of enrolment

The management committee may, in consultation with the director, withdraw enrolment of a child if:

  • Any fees remain unpaid after one month

  • There is any breach, or other failure to comply with the Constitution/Rules or by-laws of the Kindergarten Association

In such a situation, a representative of the executive committee shall in the first instance seek an interview with the parents/guardians to fully discuss the circumstances.

The executive committee will make a decision based on these discussions.

In the event that the situation is unable to be resolved satisfactorily, a notice of suspension or withdrawal of enrolment shall be given in writing by the committee, detailing the date of cessation or suspension of enrolment and shall be binding on the parents/guardians.

If your family needs to withdraw your child from the kindergarten during the year, two weeks’ notice is required (ie: if you decide to leave at the end of a term, two weeks fees for the following term will be charged).

Please note that unlike a childcare centre we cannot “hold” places without charge for extended periods such as overseas trips. You are welcome to take your child on family holidays; however term fees are still to be paid in full. It is not possible for the centre to offer enrolments of short periods. It is expected that when you accept an enrolment offer that it is for the full kindy year.  

Workplace health & safety

Click here for Lady Gowrie policy for Workplace Health and Safety. It is important to read this policy carefully as it will apply to you when participating in working bees and other activities at kindy. Please complete and return the necessary form to the kindy with your completed enrolment paperwork.

  • The Queensland Government strongly encourages the immunisation of children.

  • Parents are required to provide information regarding immunisation status of their child upon enrolment.

  • Parents of non-immunised children are required to complete and sign a 'Conscientious Objection to Immunisation' form or provide documentation regarding medical reasons for a child not being immunised.

  • In the event of an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease, parents of a non-immunised child will be required to remove their child from the centre until the risk has passed.


Parents are required to inform staff as soon as possible if their child or family members contract a vaccine preventable disease.

Media involvement

Mt Gravatt Community Kindergarten recognises the need to protect the privacy of children and their families with regard to publicity and media involvement. A permission statement is included in your enrolment booklet and if given we advise parents if and when photographs may be used in promotional materials, such as local newspapers. If you have any concerns please talk with your teacher.


The kindergarten is insured through the Guild Insurance Co. Ltd. The policy number is P00062408. 

This provides cover for building, furniture and equipment against fire, storm and tempest, malicious damage and burglary.

It also has public liability cover of $20,000,000, products liability, professional indemnity cover and voluntary workers cover (parents on roster etc). Please ask if you would like to see a copy of the policy.

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