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Committee roles and structure


The president chairs committee meetings and the annual general meeting in November. They are one of the key signatories for official documentation including banking.

The president, with the support of the management committee and staff, is responsible for overseeing accountable management of the kindergarten in accordance with its constitution, The Gowrie’s guidelines and policies and government regulations. This includes administration matters such as: licensing, leasing, affiliation, and ensuring compliance.

The president liaises closely with staff and parents on matters concerning the kindergarten and children and promotes a sense of caring and community for families. They provide guidance, inspiration and motivation to the committee, staff and parents.


The treasurer, together with the management committee, has overall financial responsibility for the kindergarten. They are responsible for preparing budgets, presenting budget, income and expenditure reports regularly at meetings; and advising the committee on investments and their progress.

The treasurer provides the committee with guidance on strategic financial planning for the kindergarten’s future.

The treasurer ensures monies in fees or fundraising are received, documented and receipted (with support of the administration officer who performs the day-to-day tasks). They are one of the key signatories for official documentation including banking.

An important role for the treasurer is to authorise payments for the kindergarten via internet banking (wages – fortnightly and other payments on an as-needs basis) – liaising with the administration officer.

This role is ideal for someone with previous experience in accounting or book keeping

Vice President / Grants

The vice president’s role is to support the president and other committee members, especially with grants and special projects. The vice president may liaise closely with staff and administration depending on current projects underway for the centre. They act in the role of president when required.


The secretary prepares and distributes agendas, reports and minutes of committee meetings. They also receive and distribute mail (though most mail is directed through the administration officer).

The secretary’s responsibilities include reporting to the management committee, regularly on any administrative issues including upcoming advisory meetings and ensuring administration files are kept in proper order, including the filing of policies and industrial award changes.

The secretary provides help to committee members on the proper upkeep of their committee folders for consistency and clarity for future
committee members.


Fundraising / Social: Group A and Group B

The fundraising/social officers plan, organise and bring to fruition planned fundraising events throughout the year to meet the strategic financial plan of the kindergarten. They also organise opportunities for parents and/or families to get together with their group to build social connections within the kindergarten. In the past this been our very successful welcome event and mid-year bush dance. Ideally there needs to be one role per group. 

The key fundraising tasks are to organise two Bunnings sausage sizzles and the annual bush dance. With the introduction of the fundraising levy this role is less time intensive than previous years. The social component of the role is very relaxed and has involved organising monthly park plays and parents’ coffee gatherings.

“I have enjoyed the fundraising/social role, particularly as a first-time kindy parent, it has been a lovely way to quickly get to know many of the other parents and feel connected to my daughter’s kindy.” Jess, 2018



The main role of the marketing officer is to help the kindergarten establish and maintain a market presence to the local and broader community. This involves advertising and promoting the kindergarten's facilities and services in preparation for the annual Open Day, and exploring options for future advertising so that yearly enrolments are maintained at maximum capacity. 

The marketing officer also prepares and distributes the monthly newsletter The Croak (with consult from the teachers and committee members).


The grants officers research and applies for funding and grants that could benefit the kindergarten. These may be through government, council or private companies. There are resources available (from previous applications) to assist in writing grant applications.

The grants officers are also responsible for obtaining quotes and pertinent information when preparing funding proposals, with the assistance/support of kindy staff and other committee members.

When grant applications are successful the grants officers follow through to ensure the grant is applied correctly (eg: purchase the items requested or organise for services to be provided).

The grants officers prepares all reconciliations and acquittals as required to document spending of funds received.

Workplace, Health & Safety / Child Safety Officer

The workplace, health and safety/child safety officer monitors and ensures the overall safety of the kindergarten building and grounds to meet the standards set in workplace health and safety legislation and child safety matters. They are required to report to the management committee regularly on these matters and collectively come up with solutions for any issues that may arise.

Works Director / Working Bee Coordinator

This role requires planning for both short-term and long-term maintenance requirements and managing associated budgets.

The works director is responsible for organising maintenance tasks to be carried out, usually at the working bees. They manage, direct and coordinate volunteers on working bee days to ensure all tasks are completely efficiently and safely.

Working bees are held four times a year. This is to ensure the safety of the children, staff and visitors.

They organise and supervise the maintenance rosters to ensure that participants are aware and perform all of their duties within their capabilities and workplace health and safety requirements.

The works director reports regularly to the management committee on progress of working bee days and current upkeep of the buildings and grounds.

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