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Being on time


Kindy’s start times are:

8.00am on Monday and Tuesday

8.45am on Thursday, Friday, alternate Wednesday

We ask that your child is brought to the centre on time as it assists them to best settle into the day.

Kindergarten hours are strictly observed, as staff members are not responsible for any child outside these hours. On arrival, please bring your child to greet his or her teacher each morning and to say goodbye in the afternoon.

Kindy’s finish times are:

3.30pm on Monday and Tuesday

2.45pm on Thursday, Friday, alternate Wednesday

If there are unforeseen circumstances and you are running late please phone the kindergarten and advise accordingly. This will help us reassure your child that you are not far away.

Children need to be signed in on arrival and signed out upon departure. Please note that there is a legal requirement for you as a parent or the caregiver (in your absence) to properly sign the daily attendance book on arrival and departure.

If you arrange for someone else to collect your child, be sure to let us know that morning at kindergarten or in writing. Only authorised persons (as indicated on the enrolment form) will be allowed to collect children from the centre. An adult other than one known to the centre requires photographic identification.

It is required that children be brought to and collected from the kindergarten by a responsible adult of at least 18 years of age.

Sick children & illness
  • Our centre is no place for the sick child and it is unfair to expose other children and staff to a sick child.

  • We appreciate families support in keeping our community safe and healthy during these Covid times – please do not send children if they have any sign of sore throat, runny nose or fever. Remember children may only display mild symptoms, so if you are unsure please stay at home.

  • If the co-director considers a child not well enough to attend, they can request the parent to take the child home.

  • If your child becomes unwell while at the centre they will be withdrawn to rest quietly and you will be contacted to come and collect them.

  • Parents must ensure that a child suffering from any infectious illness is excluded from the centre for the period specified by the doctor as per the exclusion available in our policies.

  • For further information please see the ‘Time Out’ exclusion chart issued by the Queensland Government and the ‘Exclusion of Sick Children and Staff Policy’.


In the case of a child requiring immediate medical attention an ambulance will be called.
The parents/guardians will also be contacted immediately.


Please note that due to health and safety legislation children are not able to run around and play in the kindy grounds after pick-up time.

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