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Parent roles and responsibilities 

Parents in the centre

Mt Gravatt Community Kindergarten is a community centre run by a voluntary committee of current parents – throughout the year your assistance will be sought to support the ongoing running of the centre. Our community kindergarten is a unique model that has operated in this way for more than 60 years. We thank you in advance to ensure ongoing viability of our kindy.

Parents are asked to read all the documentation relating to the centre, we ask families:

  • To be familiar with policy information and abide by the policies

  • To keep up-to-date with kindy events/activities by reading noticeboard, emails and newsletters

  • To keep in regular contact with all teaching staff about what’s happening in your family.

  • To let us know if you are going to be away or going on holidays.

  • To volunteer!

Parent roster

Being ‘on roster’ provides an opportunity for parents to observe and participate through play in our kindergarten day.

We believe that parental involvement creates a sense of community within the kindergarten that directly benefits our children. It would be lovely if you can manage a roster day each term. It is the perfect opportunity to see your child’s development over the year and provides opportunity to chat with the teacher. If you cannot commit to a whole day, we are happy for you to come for part of our kindy day.

While on roster you will get to see how your child interacts with other children and their interests while at kindy.

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