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Roles of staff


Our teachers and co-directors are qualified early childhood teachers, who are registered with the Queensland College of Teachers and have Kindergarten Teacher Recognition under the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS). They will develop and implement the educational program.


As co-directors their roles include:

  • Supporting families by providing high quality care and education

  • Overseeing the development, implementation and evaluation of the curriculum

  • Implementing sound policies and high-quality practices

  • Supporting, mentoring and managing of staff

  • Supporting staff growth through professional development

  • Promoting a sense of community within the centre

  • Marketing the centre and Lady Gowrie (Qld) to the wider community

  • Carrying out a wide range of administrative duties

Our assistants support the teacher in implementing their roles.


An inclusion support assistant may be employed to help facilitate the inclusion of a child with additional needs into the environment. The inclusion support assistant works under the guidance of the teacher and their assistant.


Relief staff: If a teacher is absent, qualified registered early childhood teachers are engaged.


All our teaching staff hold current first aid and CPR certificates, as well as having anaphylaxis and asthma training. They all have positive suitability notices (often known as blue cards).


Our teaching staff members continue their professional development through attendance at seminars, workshops and conferences. Teachers participate in at least 20 hours per year and further studies are undertaken during vacation times and outside program hours.



The teachers are always available after program time to talk with you informally about your child.


If you would like further information about your child’s progress at any time, or if you have a concern about the program, please see your child’s teacher to arrange a personal interview.

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